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this is my six foot long desk, home-made with two ikea CPU pieces and a piece of plywood. i really love it, although i still don't have enough desk space to do homework. being an art major, i make the most of late-night studio hours, but sometimes i wish i could work from the comfort of my own home. anyway, i have a G4 imac and a G4 ibook. i realize that's rather useless... the story there is that i got my imac when the model first came out, and it doesn't have a superdrive. then... the sims 2 came out and i realized i wouldn't be able to play it without a dvd drive. so, i dug deep into the bowels of my savings account and bought a new, much faster toy, my ibook. i can't bring myself to get rid of the imac. it's basically just become my stereo, since it has the nice speakers and a better music collection.

so, i'll stop rambling now. i have no shared the love of my life - my desk. any tips on how to make it more efficient are welcome. when i move out of my parents' house (again), i'm hoping to only take my ibook with me, so i'm wondering if there is a way to plug in speakers to my ibook. or maybe i should just invest in an ipod dock with speakers, to save myself from a bunch of wires on the side of the ibook. hm...
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